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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 2, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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shoulder is always better than having them wake up mid straddle while you're climbing over the top of them. that's never a good situation. remember in that situation also, never to pull on the headrest of the person in front of you. a lot of people mistakenly do that. they want to get leverage so they reach for the headrest. >> that drives me crazy. last thing, we teased this, you have to deliver here. what if the person next to you is chatty? they want to talk. how do you give them the clue that, i don't want to talk to you right now? >> give them nonverbal signals like putting your earbud back in. pick up your book or magazine up and opened it up to the page. shows you'd rather be doing that but completing that conversation with the chatty neighbor. >> a stunning admission from fredricka whitfield.
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>> that sometimes i just want to go to sleep. so i just close my eyes. >> no, the other? >> i did climb over. i didn't want to wake them up. so i just climbed over. but then with maturity, i didded, you know what? that's probably not nice. now i kind of tap or -- >> you didn't wake them up? >> no, i was careful. you don't have to be subtle. if someone wants to be chatty -- and it happened to be recently. and i said to them, i'm very tired, i'm not going to be in this conversation very long. i'm tired. >> is that wrong? >> i think it might be. >> but i'm all about chatting. but sometimes if i'm just tired -- >> right now, i can't continue this conversation. >> i understand, bye-bye. we're going to begin this hour with a legal matter that has so many people talking. lawyers for dominique
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strauss-kahn predict that all charges against their client will soon be dismissed. after weeks of house arrest, the former head of the international monetary fund was released on his own recognizance yesterday. the prosecutors admit they have serious questions about his accuser's credibility. cnn's national correspondent susan candiotti is joining us outside the townhouse where strauss-kahn has been living. susan, this is an amazing turnabout in this case. >> reporter: it certainly is is turnabout. primarily because of what has been revealed within the last 48 hours. the district attorney announcing that their own investigators have discovered serious credibility issues during the course of their investigation. this is a woman that they believe strongly in and went out of their way to say. so did the police department. but then they found some chinks in the armor, some outright
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lies. that's why we are where we are. the court decided to release dominique strauss-kahn on his own rekcognizance while the district attorney decides what to do next. the judge said there will be no rush to judgment. but clearly and admittedly the d.a. has big problems with this case, fred. >> susan, what has strauss-kahn been doing now that his house arrest, so to speak, is over? has he left the premises? have you seen anything about what his day-to-day is now going to be like? >> reporter: well, it's become a real media scene as it has been from the start. you can see over my shoulder a ring of photographers. that was prompted because a little while ago, someone went inside. and so the thought is, maybe they'll be leaving. there's certainly no reason for them to live in this location anymore now that he's been released on his own recognizance. he doesn't have his passport
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back. but he can move about the city and move about as long as he makes sure he's back for his next court case. we saw a busload of senior citizens snapping photos as they passed by this very short street. we know he went out for dinner last night. he and his wife went out to a restaurant to have dinner and cameras, of course, pictured him when he came back in. but certainly his legal team and sources have said, perhaps he might be moving to another location soon. we shall see. he's been paying almost $250,000 to live at this location because he also had to pay for round-the-clock security, his electronic monitoring. so he's been paying quite a pretty penny. >> susan candiotti, thanks so much. when dominique strauss-kahn was arrested back in may, it started a huge controversy in his native country of france. while some french citizens were troubled by the nature of the charges, others thought
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strauss-kahn had been treated unfairly. well, now that the case against strauss-kahn appears to be collapsing, one french journalist predicts outrage against u.s. prosecutors. >> if we hear very soon that the case is dismissed and he's free, he's not guilty or whatever, definitely french public opinion, i can tell you -- and we can start haile feeling it -- will be really outrage, outrage, just mad. at the american justice and what they saw on television the day he has been arrested six weeks ago. the french people will be really mad at the way the american justice has been behaving. believe me, we have this feeling coming up very strongly. >> so before his arrest, strauss-kahn was expected to seek the french presidency. he could still run but under french law, he'd have to declare his candidacy by july 13th, right around the corner. one of the most closely watched murder cases in recent
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years in this murder is about to enter a critical new phase. closing arguments are set for tomorrow in the casey anthony trial. after that, the fate of the young woman accused of killing her little girl will be in the hands of the jury. sean lavin joins us. today, no court proceedings after all. but tomorrow, all parties will be back in court. >> reporter: it will all get under way about 9:00 eastern tomorrow morning. the state will go first. they're going to try to argue to those juror that is they need to convict casey anthony of first-degree murder based on all this evidence we've been watching play out in court over the last 30 days or so. after the state goes, the defense will go. they're going to argue that casey has not committed this first-degree murder, that the state has not proven the case. and they're going to try and poke holes inside the state's case. in florida, the state gets the last word. the state's going to go after
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the defense and the state will have a rebuttal. after that, the judge will give some instructions to those jurors and then it's off to deliberations, fred. >> incredible. and so is it expected that closing statements or have attorneys on either side said whether they expect to be very lengthy or kind of short and sweet and just get to the point? >> reporter: it's hard to know exactly how long it will last. but we do know that tomorrow the jury's expected to start deliberating. we can expect that sometime tomorrow afternoon, sometime tomorrow evening, these closing arguments should wrap up. the jurors will go and have dinner brought in for them and they'll start deliberating tomorrow. we don't expect the jury is going to come back with a verdict tomorrow because there's so much to look after. so the jury's ready to work on the fourth of july on monday after tomorrow. so this can go for a while until they get the verdict right. >> and of course the jurors are still sequestered, even today,
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even though they had the day off? >> reporter: that's right. even has the day off because the state and defense both want to work on these crucial closing arguments. everyone has the day off. but both lawyers from both sides are working on these closing arguments and the jury in the meantime is relaxing at the hotel they're at. they have some cable they can watch, just no news, while they wait to deliberate and hear these closing arguments tomorrow. >> thanks so much, sean lavin, appreciate it, from orlando. we'll talk about both these cases, casey anthony and the dominique strauss-kahn case with our legal guys just minutes from you, avery friedman and richard herman. maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger are now headed to divorce court. shriver has filed papers to end her 25-year marriage to the former california governor. in her petition, shriver cites irreconcilable differences. schwarzenegger has admitted fathering a child with the couple's former housekeeper.
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he and shriver announced they were separating less than two months ago. on to politics, michele bachmann is spending the entire holiday weekend in iowa. she told cnn's shannon travis why she's there. and her answer just might surprise you. that's next. and if you think about becoming a top race car driver, well, you know it's difficult to be there. it's even harder to stay there. >> it's harder to be here than it is to get here. in my eyes -- >> so to stay. >> to stay and to beat the best race car drivers in the world is harder than anything. >> two of nascar's finest drivers tell me face to face how they manage to stay in the game and stay on top of the scoreboard. you want a warm, super-delicious strawberry toaster strudel yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat
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michele bachmann is spending the first official week of her presidential campaign in a critical early voting state. the minnesota republican and tea party favorite is in iowa for the entire fourth of july weekend. our own shannon travis was the only reporter who got the opportunity to actually chat with her as she visited a diner this morning in iowa city. take a look. >> reporter: and the winner of the iowa caucuses aren't historically necessarily the republican presidential nominee. why such an emphasis on iowa? >> because iowa's the first in the nation. it's very important to be here and have a presence here because the values and the opinions that people have in iowa count. they count for the nation. so it's important that we come here. this is the breadbasket of the world for a reason. this is where the food is grown, we have the best farmers in the world right here in iowa. it's important to come and
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listen to what people have to say here in iowa and take that message back to washington, d.c. >> shannon travis now joining us live from iowa city. shannon, a lot served there at that diner, including a real spontaneous moment there between you and michele bachmann. >> reporter: that's right, fred. michele bachmann is here in iowa. she's going to be barnstorming the state today with five different events. i caught up with her, was the only person allowed to fire off a few questions to her. but she's hoping to win big in this state. obviously iowa is important because they're home to first in the nation caucuses. she's going to have these five stops today. she also had a tea party rally she's going to be attending later and a baseball game. i'm hoping to catch up with that one also. >> another republican candidate, herman cain, apparently some of his staff members have a change of heart, may no longer be with
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him. why is that? >> reporter: herman cain, looks like there might be a little bit of trouble in his campaign. here's what i found a few moments ago. here wearing that tina goff, who is supposedly an iowa state director for herman cain, she tells us that she and two others resigned on friday. i spoke with the herman cain campaign. they said it was not three, it was two. that she was not a state director, she was a field director. and that these two people weren't a good fit for the cain campaign. they are denying any notion that this spells trouble, that there's any kind of implosion within the cain campaign. but these staffers are telling us, they're telling us that they left the campaign because they believe that herman cain was not willing to commit the resources committed. he had two other people leave recently. and this is a refrain that a few
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other campaign people in the cain campaign said. >> shannon travis, thanks so much. the second big royal wedding of the year happening right now in monaco. take a look right now. this is the religious ceremony of grace kelly's son, prince albert, getting married to long-time girlfriend, olympic swimmer, charlene wittstock. yesterday they had the civil ceremony. right now, the religious ceremony. i'll tell you listen many for a moment. shot of the bride there. and clearly, you can see just how filled this cathedral is with this beautiful ceremony taking place. we'll keep a close watch of this royal wedding in monaco. >> translator: the lord be with you.
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this is the royal wedding taking place, live pictures as prince albert gets married to charlene wittstock, an olympic swimmer. 3,500 guests were invited, including 20 heads of state. albert is the son of grace kelly. the couple had a civil ceremony yesterday. and then in canada, a royal welcome for britain's royal newlyweds, prince william and his wife catherine have been there since thursday. first stop, ottawa. today, montreal. our report ser there. the duke and duchess have charmed the crowds there. and that little maple leaf on her topper set the tone, didn't it? >> reporter: she's been getting her clothes right all the way through. she's worn that white dress before. it was just from a regular shop in london. she's doing things her own way
9:18 am
on this royal trip. the scenes were fantastical. three times as many people turned out in ottawa than last year because the royal couple were there. they're about to hit the circuit again. in the next hour, they're going to be planting a tree in ottawa symbolizing their longlasting love. and then they're going to the war and veteran museum. and then they're heading up to montreal, they're going to be going to a children's hospital. they're both very good with children. it's going to be very emotional for them. then they end up here a little later on at a culinary school. william's a great cook. we're going to see him cooking. we'll see if catherine can cook, too. interesting times. >> something tells me she can cook. they seem to have shown that they live very ordinary lives, especially leading up to their beautiful wedding. they're in montreal.
9:19 am
apparently this really is a stronghold for anti-monarchists. have they come out in full force? has the royal couple found that not everybody supports them? >> reporter: well, it's true. recent polls have shown a gain in this area of canada, more people are against the monarchy than for it. they'd like to get rid of it. and the palace is sort of aware of this and the canadian government. so there won't be any walkabouts here. they're just going to go straight into the building. they are expecting some protesters over the road. whilst people don't necessarily like the monarchy, they are excited about william and catherine visiting. there seems to be some sort of separation. they're like a celebrity couple as opposed to to the monarchy. it's strange. >> i'm sure they're enjoying it. what a way to enjoy their first few months of being married. thanks so much, max foster,
9:20 am
appreciate that, from montreal. this time tomorrow, all of you and us, we could be hearing from lawyers on both sides of the casey anthony murder trial taking place in orlando. again, no trial today. but tomorrow, closing statements. what might be said from the defense and the prosecutors? we're going to hear from our legal guys in a moment. there they are ready to go.
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a river of lies just kept coming out of her mouth. why did she lie? because she's guilty. and then they will go into the forensics of the case. and they will show the smell of death in her car. they will show the chloroform sa samplings in her car. it's a very powerful circumstantial case. but the defense will have their day. if he can get a summation in without getting 500 objections from the prosecution and being scolded by the judge, i will be amaz amazed. that's what i believe is going to happen. >> that's right. >> avery? you are in completely agreement there. >> that's what's going to happen. the judge has instructed the lawyers that during their closing arguments that they must stick to evidence. so if you think about what jose baez presented in his opening statement, we're not going to see much of anything in this closing arguments simply
9:24 am
because -- >> you're talking about specifically the alleged abuse. you're talking about the drowning -- >> oh, yeah. >> because the defense laid that out in opening statements that this was an accident, this was something that just went terribly wrong. it was a family tragedy on so many levels. but you're saying, avery, that the defense wouldn't dare revisit that in the closings because they never really proved that. >> that's what chief judge perry has told the lawyers in instruction. as you get ready -- and they're both preparing today -- when it starts up at 9:00 tomorrow morning. it will be required of both sides to stick with the evidence. the point was made and i think it's a good one that if there's a deviation -- and i promise you're going to see a deviation by the defense. there's going to be objections. there's going to be admonishments by the judge to stick to the evidence. the only thing the defense can really do is zero in on the most important parts of the defense. for me, the testimony of dr.
9:25 am
warner spitz. that is world class forensic patholo pathology. that's where they can -- points of reasonable douse, that's all they have in the defense. that's it. >> except in his testimony, he simply said, this was a terrible -- one of the things he said is this was a terrible autopsy. and still no cause of death for this little 2-year-old girl. >> yeah, fred, that's the big thing. baez will get up there and say, you know what, ladies and gentlemen? the state's own medical examiner said that caylee was not killed, could not stay, that caylee was killed by duct tape. that caylee was killed by chloroform, there was no trauma to her bones. so there's no neck-breaking. that's a red herring. don't get confused by that. this is a premeditated, first-degree murder case. and all we know is that caylee was not an anchor to casey. casey was a loving and tender
9:26 am
mother because that's the only testimony during the course of this case. the state has failed to prove motive. they don't have to. but in a first-degree murder case, they have to. and they threw it out there. they said they would. and they utterly failed to prove that. the defense has no obligation to prove anything. >> they may argue that, but what no one has really talked about -- and i'm actually surprised about this. maybe they will after chief judge perry does his instructions. the judge is going to tell these jurors, fredricka -- he's going to talk about inferences. meaning, here are certain facts, you're allowed to conclude from those fact that is they mean certain things. what's the meaning of casey borrowing the shovel from the next-door neighbor? what's the meaning of casey not reporting the loss of her child -- actually, she didn't report it. her mother reported it 31 days later. what inference can be drawn by
9:27 am
finding the baby in a swamp -- >> and from the computer at home showing a search for chloroform, chlorophyll and the mother says it was her, but then in the rebuttal witnesses, it was established that she may have been at work. so the inference of who was looking that up at home at that time -- >> right. >> it blew off mom. >> the jurors are instructed that the state has to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. >> absolutely right. >> so do the jurors -- have the jurors already made up their minds on this, in your view before closing? >> they can't even deliberate on this case yet. if they've deliberated, this is an immediate mistrail. it's going to be turned back on appeal anyway. there are so many issues on appeal to reverse this case. you want another inference? remember that visual of caylee walking up that ladder into the pool and enjoying swimming in that pool and being able to open that sliding glass door.
9:28 am
that's an inference that baez is going to use in the summation. >> no connect. he never connected it. >> we're going to talk to you again because i know you have very strong feelings about the strauss-kahn case as well. now he's released on his own recognizance. what does that mean for the prosecution's case? we're going to see you again in about 20 minutes from now. thanks so much, gentlemen. if you think you have seen long gas lines in the u.s., just wait until you see what the lines looked like in, of all place, yemen. the unbelievable scene and what exactly is behind all that, next. over 70% of firefighters are local volunteers... these are our neighbors putting their lives on the line. and when they rely on a battery, there are firefighters everywhere who trust duracell. and now you can join with duracell to help. just buy specially-marked packs & duracell will make a battery donation to local volunteers. these days don't we all need someone to trust...?
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a close there. charlene wittstock, just married prince albert. a very serene and calm setting as the two make their way out. and you see there many thousands have filled that beautiful cathedral. this royal wedding, now the second in just a matter of months taking place here in monaco, france. prince albert, the son of the late princess grace. we'll keep a close watch on this. today is the religious ceremony. yesterday was the civil cerem y ceremony. later on, there will be a number of events to take place, including a reception that apparently will invite about 7,000 people at that special reception. for this royal couple.
9:32 am
meantime, the recent violence in yemen is driving the country's economy into a deep hole and putting even more pressure on people who are already struggling to make ends meet. cnn's senior international correspondent nic robertson is there. >> reporter: a few minutes in yemen's capital is all it takes to realize the economy is tanking. shuttered stores line the roads. the toyota showroom all but closed up, no cars left on the showroom floor. as you walk down the street here, more stores closed. this one, a transport company. the next one, as you come down the street -- and this is typical of what we're seeing around the capital, many stores closed up. this one here, a tourism facility, get tourist trips booked through here. the only store he's opened is this corner shop selling fruit, nuts, that kind of thing. this bathroom appliance store,
9:33 am
this tells you everything you need to know about what's happening here. it says, for rent. they can't afford to run the showroom at the moment. inside the corner store, ahmad tells me everyone's buying on credit. they barely have enough money for essentials. ten people, he tells me, rely on his dwindling income. next door at the bathroom appliance showroom, the owner's son shows up. >> due to the situation now since, as you can see, last february 2011, everything stopped. no people are buying. no people are buying -- we cannot get raw materials for our factory. >> reporter: are you out of business now effectively? >> yeah, no business. >> reporter: everyone is being hit in the pocket. essentials like rice, wheat, sugar have all gone up. some more than doubling in price. yemen was never rich. the poorest arab nation, average
9:34 am
annual income, less than $1,000. no margin to tackle rising costs. tensions are rising. none more so than in the lines for fuel snaking out of empty gas stations, snarling the city. this one stretches all the way up as far as you can see. the situation here, really getting a little bit volatile. some people have closed the road up here. there's bricks in the road. we heard at least one gunshot fire. that's the line for a gas station on that side of the road f. you look across the other side of the highway here, another line of cars. the only way to see it properly is by car. we're going to drive down the line this way. it's just car after car after car. some of them have been lining up for days. and here's the checkpoint here. this is an impromptu checkpoint. they're protesting that there's no fuel and they're closing the road. it's situations like this that
9:35 am
have led to recent gun battles breaking out. the front of the gas line is a couple of hundred yards down the road here. how long have people been waiting to buy gas here? >> ten days. >> reporter: ten days to buy gas? >> or more than ten days. >> reporter: how are people beginning to feel about that? is this making them angry? >> all people are very angry for these things. >> reporter: and if they do get to the front line, they're in for another shock, he tells me. the cost of fuel is rocketing. >> 400%. >> reporter: it's gone up four times the normal amount. yemen's decaying economy, not its stagnating politics, could be the spark that ignites its already combustible streets. nic robertson, cnn, sanaa, yemen. white the contrast now. we want to take you back to monaco. the religious ceremony of the royal couple, prince albert as well as his new bride, charlene wittstock, now over.
9:36 am
3,500 people filled that cathedral to watch the ceremony. she is wearing a giorgio armani dress designed just for this occasion on her wedding day. they're walking down that long procession there, that red carpet. they're greeted by many more supporters and fans as they climb into this convertible. this is the palace courtyard where they have had this ceremony. and soon they're going to be making their way to a number of rather public events for all those in monaco to enjoy. fireworks and then a reception, some 7,000 guests are invited to the reception. she is an olympic swimmer. he also had his experiences as a bobsledder in the olympics.
9:37 am
and apparently they met back in 2000 after a swim meet in monaco. she apparently caught his eye, prince albert. they dated for a while. they actually broke up. and she apparently reached out to him at the passing of his father. and then from there, they started dating again and now we have a storybook new chapter of them marrying there in monaco. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ look at that car, well, it goes fast ♪ ♪ givin' my dad a heart attack ♪ [ friend ] that is so awesome. ♪ i love my car [ engine revving ]
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look at this motorcade. have you ever seen anything like this? this is prince albert and her serene highness after their marriage there in palace square at the cathedral. and just kind of like the tour de france or something, right? got a camera that is accompanying them as they wave to all of the fans, all the supporters, all those who didn't get a ticket to be inside the wedding, now they're along the route as the royal couple makes its way, after their religious ceremony, makes its way now to more photographs, fireworks, even, and a reception. we'll keep a close watch on it. beautiful setting there. we're going to take another very hard turn from a wedding to a stunning turnaround in a big legal case here in the united
9:41 am
states. there was a stunning development this week in the investigation of the former international monetary fund director, dominique strauss-kahn. prosecutors say they have serious credibility questions now about the woman who accused strauss-kahn of sexual assault. this was back in may. well, he was released on his own recognizance yesterday. our legal guys are back, avery friedman and richard herman. this is stunning, is it not, avery? prosecutors went after him immediately, within hours of the accuser launching these allegations. so they didn't vet the story? they just went after him, took him off a plane. he was a suspect, indicted him and now there are holes in the story. how remarkable is this? >> yeah. it blew up. i think this is the most electrifying legal development of the year. i'm not going to be critical, by
9:42 am
the way, of the prosecution. they had forensics. they really didn't have a choice. this guy was gone. and the fact is that the opportunity for prosecution to develop the case, to get to it the grand jury was a relatively short window. but to its credit, they said, there are such credibility issues, that if we're going to do justice at least in meeting its burden beyond a reasonable doubt, the case must win. and cyrus vance did the right thing. >> what's going on here, richard? avery underscored, yes, there is forensic evidence substantiating that something -- there was some sort of contact between these two, or at least that's the allegation. and investigators want to stand by that. but they have a problem with the story of the alleged victim. how is it that perhaps -- i guess the story really needs to
9:43 am
supersede that forensic evidence or at least match it. and that's the problem here. it just doesn't match? >> fred, the great yogi berra coined the phrase, it's not over until it's over. this case is over. there is no way they can prosecute him for this. and there is way a new york jury will convict based on these facts. >> even though there's forensic evidence -- >> impossible. the defense says it was consensu consensual. this alleged victim is now proven to be a liar on many issues, including claiming she was gang-raped, raped back in her own country. that was a lie. you cannot have a rape victim on the stand with her credibility on the line who previously claimed to have been raped and was not. that's for starters. 24 hours after the arrest, there's a jailhouse telephone conversation with her and her boyfriend who's in prison in
9:44 am
arizona. and during the conversation, she is telling him, don't worry, this guy has a lot of money and i know what i'm doing. come on. >> let me stop you there real quick. avery, when the attorney for the alleged victim comes out yesterday and says, wait a minute, there are injuries consistent with forced sexual assault. >> oh, yeah. >> and he says, you cannot dispute that. why is it, in his view, this case is being dropped? he said, quote, because the d.a. is afraid to try this case, afraid to lose a high-profile case. his words. >> yeah, shame on him. it's posturing. and the fact is, there is evidence of sexual activity. there is no evidence of whether or not it was forced. but that's not the point. the point is the prosecution has to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt. even if it happened -- and i think a lot of people think it probably did. because of the dishonesty -- consistent dishonesty of the
9:45 am
victim here, the prosecution's got a gun to its head. they are stuck. no one is saying there wasn't contact. but the question is, can the state meet its burden of proof. it cannot, case must be dismissed. >> thank you both so much. we'll be talking about this case again. just the tip of the iceberg. thanks so much, gentlemen. have a great weekend. >> okay, fred. >> happy fourth. >> take care. and we will be right back. my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose.
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welcome back to cnn. let's take a look at your forecast. it is the holiday weekend. got to know what's happening out there. so let's take a peek. it looks like we might have a few thunderstorms to deal with across parts of the great lakes, all due to this frontal boundary driving eastward. it's going to interact with the daytime heating. plenty of moisture there. could give you a bumpy ride if you're flying. into the central and northern rockies, same situation. get all the moisture coming in from the gulf. that with your heating and the frontal boundary could give you a few thunderstorms. plenty of heat in the desert southwest where high temperatures for today are going to be scorching. check out texas, my goodness. 100 degrees expected. 98 for houston. 90 in kansas city. 86 in billings. 82 in portland. 80 in san francisco. 78 in dangs. back towards the east, 92 in chicago. 88 in miami.
9:49 am
that is a quick snapshot of your forecast. more coming up ahead with fredricka. see you in a little bit. yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat you can do this... get the ball, girl. hmmm, you can't do that. but you can do this. bengay pain relief + massage with penetrating nubs plus the powerful pain relief of bengay. love the nubs!
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the royal couple of monaco now being serenaded at the st. devote chapel. a good look at the bride and groom there. prince albert and her serene highness, charlene wittstock. ♪
9:52 am
>> romantic moments there with the prince and now princess, her serene highness, charlene wittstock, an olympic swimmer and he, an olympic bobsledder. they came together back in 2002. breaking up and then finding their way back together again. and now walking down the aisle in a religious ceremony today and now a married couple. there in monaco. weddings and this fourth of july weekend, also fireworks and fast cars here in the states at the daytona coke zero 400. fighting for the first place across the finish line. 20-year-old joey logano and
9:53 am
35-year-old jason leffler. logano scored a huge win already this weekend last night finishing first at last night's nationwide series race at daytona. right behind leffler, who came in second? recently i spoke face to face with leffler and logano. before we talked, leffler took me around the charlotte motor speedway to give me a feel for what it's like. oh, yeah. that was an incredible ride there, the charlotte motor speedway. well, after the speed, we actually put on the brakes at the nascar hall of fame. and there jason leffler and joey logano told me face to face, getting to this level is hard but staying there, even tougher. >> it's easy -- it never crossed my mind, anything else. i'm sure jason is the same way.
9:54 am
i think a race car driver is probably a different type of athlete than a basketball player. >> in what way? >> this is a different type of sport. you're driving a race car. it's a lot different. you're not on your feet. it's a mental sport. it's probably more mental than it is physical, in my eyes. but you've got to know what you're doing. i just think it takes that time commitment. it takes that will to really want to do it. it's harder to be here than it is to get here. in my eyes -- >> so to stay? >> to stay and to beat the best race car drivers in the world is harder than anything. >> why is that? what have you figured out about it or at what point did you make that realizization, even? >> i think when i started cup racing. in my career, everything's come pretty easily. won a race here, won a race there. as soon as i started in that series. now that i'm racing against the
9:55 am
best race car drivers in the world, not racing against all those kids growing up -- we're all together and all racing against each other. that's when you got to find that little bit more. and it's hard to find it. you don't know where it's at. i first started in the cup series and i struggled hard. >> joey logano, big crash. >> it was like, holy spokes, what did i get myself into, what am i doing? i was expected to go in there and win races just like i did everywhere else. i didn't think it was going to be a big deal. you come to realize it's a reality check. >> jason, did you have that crossroad, too? was there that moment where you said, i envisioned it being this way, but here's the reality and i'm going to have to make some adjustments? >> sure. it's been that way for the last ten years. once you get to one of the top-tier series in nas kashgs it's very, very competitive. but joey is right, the sprint cup series is so competitive.
9:56 am
you have the best of the best. nationwide series and truck series is competitive. but when you take that step to the elite, there's not a bad driver that races on sunday in a sprint cup series. and the thing about it is, if you're off pace, you're not talking about second. a tenth of a second can be the difference between first and 40th. everything has to work so well together. when you get to this level, it humbles you. >> what makes one faster? sit the vehicle, is it the driving technique, the mechanics are working? what is that -- >> it's a team. >> all of it. >> you can put a great race car in a not very good car and you're not going to see it go very fast. you can put a great car and put a driver that's so-so, and it's not going to go very fast. guys out there winning have a combination of both that really,
9:57 am
really works good together. >> jason, do you think people, fans have a really good grasp that this is a team sport? >> i think nascar fans are pretty well-educated in nascar. they know it's a team sport. they know they have a pit crew and a crew chief and mechanics. they might not know -- they probably don't know what goes on during the week at the race shop, all the fabricators and engineers and everything -- bodymen, everything that goes on. but i think they're very well-educated. but there are some fans out there that go, man, why aren't you winning? it's easy. you should have a faster car than that. they don't understand. >> what do you say to people when they say that? >> it's tougher than it looks. you're not getting in your car and going to the grocery store. it's a competitive professional sport. >> let me ask you to pick up on something that joey was saying. it's hard getting there. but it's even harder maintaining, staying in the race, so to speak. >> i agree. >> what are the dynamics?
9:58 am
>> just -- you get to this level and everybody wants your job. so it's pretty cutthroat when you get there. i had early on success. whatever i drove, i ran good in, won and got here. and it was a reality check. it's tough to stay here. you have to keep your sponsors. you've got to perform. but it's more than just you and your race qar, like we said earlier. you do a lot of talking at the shop, a lot of communicating. back in the day, you'd just do a lot of working on your race car. >> nobody's ever satisfied. >> no. >> they're fantastic. 2:00 eastern time, more face-to-face with jason leffler and jolie logano. how long do they see themselves pushing the pedals and the limits on the track? also in the 2:00 hour, if you could, would you retire five years from you? we'll tell you things you need to start working on. "your money" starts right now.
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